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The Canberra Environment and Sustainability Resource Centre is conducting a short survey of community groups with an interest in the environment and sustainability to build a more comprehensive picture of community groups and networks in Canberra and how we all interact.

Following the completion of this survey, a visual map will be developed that can be used by community groups to:

  • enhance communication with other groups that have similar aims and interests;
  • identify opportunities for collaboration with other groups; and
  • pool resources with other groups so that all community groups can achieve more of their aims.

You can find the survey here: http://kwiksurveys.com?u=communitynetworksurvey

The survey shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete, and will help to build communication and resources between community groups in the ACT. Could you please complete it before 27 May 2011.

Previous initiatives have created interactive visual maps that show what can be achieved with new media, including the excellent work already done in 2010 by Mark Spain of Global Learning on mapping groups and organizations in Canberra concerned with the transition to sustainability./

The results of the Environment Centre survey will help to take collaboration to the next level by identifying synergies between community groups that could create the basis for win-win co-operation in the future.

climateXchange supports greater interaction and co-operation between community groups in Canberra and region and to this end maintains a comprehensive Green Directory of local organizations and groups concerned with climate change and sustainability. Also check out the climateXchange forums on community groups.


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