What are Green-Star Communities?

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The Green Building Council of Australia has developed an independent, national, voluntary rating tool called Green-Star Communities to drive the development of more sustainable, productive and liveable Australian communities.

Developers and policy makers can use the rating tool to plan, design and construct major developments. The rating tool may also be of interest to members of the public who want to assess the sustainability of proposed developments.

The Green Star – Communities PILOT rating tool, released on 14 June 2012, assesses the sustainability performance major development projects against the following categories:

  • Governance – including the use of accredited professionals, corporate responsibility, sustainability awareness, stakeholder engagement, climate adaptation and community resilience, environmental management;
  • Design – including site selection, site and context analysis, planning and layout, and urban design;
  • Liveability – including access to amenities, community development, active transport, local food production, managing and interpreting cultural heritage, and accessible transport and buildings;
  • Economic Prosperity – including net percentage increase of local jobs, education and skills development facilities/programs, affordability, connectivity (digital economy), reduced peak electricity demand;
  • Environment – including biodiversity enhancement, measures to reduce heat island effect and light pollution, low greenhouse gas emissions, green buildings, low water use and waste, integrated transport planning;
  • Innovation

An independent assessment panel awards points to the Green Star – Communities projects based on how well they deliver against each category, and gives a Green Star rating by comparing the overall score with the following rating scale:

Point Score Green Star Rating Outcome
45 – 59 4 Star Best Practice
60 – 74 5 Star Australian Excellence
75+ 6 Star World Leader

Projects cannot achieve ratings of 1, 2 or 3 Stars at certification, as the Green Star rating system aims to recognise and reward projects that achieve best practice outcomes or better.

The Green Building Council of Australia has developed the rating tool in close collaboration with all three tiers of government, public and private sector developers, professional services providers, academia, product manufacturers and suppliers and other industry stakeholder groups.

The Council is interested in working closely with a limited number of community development projects to further test the pilot version of the rating tool.

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If you want to have your say, go to the climateXchange forum at:

Green Star Communities – a new way of rating sustainability of precinct developments



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