What are ACT Major Political Party Policies and Initiatives on Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability?

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In the lead up to the ACT election on 20 October 2012, you may be interested to know more about the policies and proposed initiatives of the major political parties on environment, climate change and sustainability.

The websites of ACT Labor, the ACT Liberals and the ACT Greens reveal some of the relevant policies and initiatives (amongst others) of the three Parties:

ACT Labor

ACT Liberals

ACT Greens

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020

90% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

Private sector partnership to plan, finance and develop the first stage of a Light Rail Network for Canberra.

More cycling infrastructure – up to $12 million to build off-road cycle path adjacent to the Majura Parkway.

$4 million over 4 years for an Active Transport program for children.

$1 million funding over four years for Canberra Urban and Regional Futures (at ANU and University of Canberra), to establish lead practice in urban and regional futures and sustainable development.

$200,000 over 4 years to establish community gardens through a new Community Garden Funding Program.

See http://www.actlabor.org.au/policy/policy-announcements for more details.

Provide Canberra households with a third bin for garden waste, at no additional cost, and talk to regional counterparts to explore collaborative models to collect and process other forms of organic waste

Provide a capital grant of $10 million for the construction of a garden waste processing facility.

Convert the Barry Drive bus lane into a T2 transit lane enabling cars with two or more passengers to have access to the third lane.


For more details see www.canberraliberals.org.au



Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020.

90% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

Guaranteed payment for homes and businesses that install solar PV.

Minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties.

A review of the Territory Plan to ensure all future development meets the 40% target.

$200 million for light rail in Canberra.

$31M bus package including more frequent commuter & school bus services, trialing green bus technologies.

$27.4 million for public housing energy efficiency.

$2 million for household waste education.

$2.8 million to build greener, build better and better engagement with the community on planning matters.

$1.7 million Food Industry Package including $500,000 for a ‘Growing Community Gardens’ grant program.

Over $10 million to protect nature reserves.

See more details at  http://act.greens.org.au/

In addition to the information available on the Parties’ websites, you may wish to look at the results of a candidates’ survey undertaken by the Conservation Council ACT Region, Australian Youth Climate Coalition ACT, Climate Action Canberra and Canberra Loves 40%. They asked all candidates what they would do on climate change and have posted the candidates’ responses on the Canberra Loves 40% website here. They are now undertaking an analysis to ascertain how these policies can best meet a greenhouse gas emissions target of 40% by 2020.



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