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The ventis office in Canberra has been open since January 2012. In that time, they have installed over 700 systems within the Canberra region and over 5000 across NSW and QLD.

Description of Services:

Installation of VENTIS home ventilation systems.  Harness the warmth that is in your roof cavity in winter by installing a ventis that will harvest the warm air, push it through a medical grade filter and push it into every corner of your home.   Reduce your conventional heating costs by warming your home during the day.  During the summer months, ventis can evacuate the hot air out of the roof space if you desire.

The ventis system is a fully ducted, automatically thermostatically controlled system utlising an Australian made product designed for our climate conditions.

Ventis will reduce the level of pollens, dust, mould spores in your home and as a result with reduce the occurence of hayfever and asthma.

The Canberra climatic conditions are a perfect choice for maximising the benefits of ventis.  Long COLD winters, but usually sunny.  Hot Summer days, cool nights.  Lots of dust and pollen.

To understand how many degrees you can heat and cool your home contact them on

Located In: 2/20 Isa Street FYSHWICK ACT

Servicing: Canberra and ACT Region

Contact Details: FREECALL  1800 80 20 80



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