The Urban Homesteaders Club: Seed Saving & Basic Plant Propagation – afternoon tea on Saturday 26th June

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Jun ’10
2:00 pm

The next get together of The Urban Homesteaders Club will be on the afternoon of Saturday 26th June, and I will be talking about Seed Saving and Basic Plant Propagation! Come along to my house, bring your knowledge to share & bring some seeds to swap if you like, and we will have a cuppa and biscuit/ cake, and look around my (weedy, rambling, not much of a) Food Forest garden!! For more details & to RSVP, please email Bec at


More details about this new group below:


The Urban Homesteaders Club – Sharing Knowledge and Learning Skills!


A group of like-minded people, getting together for some kid-free time & afternoon tea on the last Saturday of each month, to share knowledge, learn skills and have a chat about what we are up to in our own homes & backyards!


You do not have to be skilled in any particular area of your own… maybe you have a skill you don’t even realise, or know someone who does and arrange for them to share it. Maybe you have some knowledge to impart, or just a great relevant book you’ve read, or movie/ doco you’ve seen!


But you do need to be prepared to take a turn at hosting (at your house, a cafe or somewhere else suitable) and organising the ‘workshop’ (whether that is hands-on skill, sharing knowledge, or arranging a farm or garden visit).

You can find more information at


For more details on the next get together & to RSVP, please email Bec at


What’s It All About


To me, urban homesteading is about self sufficient living in the city, or a non-rural area. It’s like having a farm in your backyard. A food forest in your garden. Equipment and resources in your shed. And the skills and knowledge to provide some basic aspects of food, and living for yourself and your family. I don’t know about you, but I am never going to reach full self sufficiency where, & how, I am living in Canberra now, so building community is one of the best skills I could achieve. There are many skills I’d like under my belt, though, so why not create a community group, who share knowledge and learn skills together.

Skills of an Urban Homesteader



So many things you could learn, including, but are certainly not limited to:

* growing your own organic food, from propagation, seed saving, organic pest solutions, homemade organic fertiliser, composting, soil conditioning, worm farming, container vege’s, harvesting, bush tucker, herbs and more…



* preserving, esp. the food you have grown, including dehydrating, canning (in jars), making preserves, jam and pickles


* raising backyard animals, from worm farms, to chickens, rabbits or maybe even a goat, as well as bees, and fish


* making your own: food from ‘scratch’ – including yoghurt, labna and cheese; beer, wine and other beverages; bread, crackers and pasta


* making your own: clothes, homewares and presents – from knitting, to sewing, to crochet, spinning & dying wool, felting, reconstructing; woodworking, craft and many more


* making your own: soap, toiletries and beauty products – such as skin care, and hair care


* cleaning, and housekeeping, using homemade natural cleaning agents, and homegrown/ home made tools, plus pest control, equipment repair and maintenance


* frugal living – being resourceful, making do, meal planning and using up leftovers 



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