Sustainability Month at the Canberra Environment Centre

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The Canberra Environment and Sustainability Centre is organising a whole month of activities in October 2010 as part of its Sustainability Month, so check out what’s happening below and on the Centre’s website.

Sustainability Challenge

Get a team together and join the 30-day sustainability challenge! You can do it with your housemates, your gym buddies, your classroom or your self.

Five Steps Forward…

Have a quick think about your everyday life.  Would you prefer not to drive to work every day? Like locally grown and produced food but never get around to buying it? Think you could put on a jumper and turn down the heating? Can’t remember to turn off appliances at the wall and save on stand-by power? Always wanted to make friends in your course and think car-pooling would be a good way to do it?

There are hundreds of ways we can lessen our impact on the environment. The Sustainability Challenge helps you to choose 5 things you can do for 30 days.

Ideas for your 5 steps, Footprint calculators and Helpful information
For more info, or to take the challenge, email: ecsustainabilitychallenge(@)

Summary of Workshops Available (See their site for more details)

Saturday October 16:

ANU Food Co-op: Childers Street, ACTON

Ethical Food Adventure – 6 pm. Discover the cheapest place to buy bulk and organic food in Canberra. Follow this with Acoustic Soup – eat some hearty homemade soup and bread (all vegan), listen to locals talk, sing, dance, and recite poetry and join the ‘experts’ debate on the issues of sustainable food production as we celebrate the opening of the new Co-op Food Shop.

Saturday October 23. Transport & Waste.

Come to the Canberra Environment & Resource Sustainability Centre (Cnr of Lennox Cres & Lennox Crossing; opposite the National Museum)

8am-12 pm: Giant Canberra Bike Swap and Sale.

10 am- 2 pm: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Day: Workshops on composting, worm farming and how to generate less waste.

Sunday October 31. Energy & Water Efficiency.

Canberra’s Sustainable House 240 Duffy Street Ainslie

10am-1pm Canberra’s Sustainable House 240 Duffy Street Ainslie

Tour & info session on how to retro-fit your home to save on energy & water.  Learn the latest on government rebates, ACT services and products and how you can make a difference to Australia’s carbon emissions. PLEASE BOOK FOR THIS EVENT


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