SEE-Change Sustainable House Tour – Aranda

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Oct ’19
9:30 am
This Aranda house has been built to the Passive house standard. Currently at lockup stage, tour participants get to see construction details

About this Event

Built to the Passive House standard, this two-storey gem in Aranda has been designed with three things in mind.  The home had to be non-toxic and avoid the use of glues, foams and off-gassing materials, be suitable for an elderly parent in a wheelchair and be super comfortable. The house is at lockup stage so the construction method is still visible including the double stud walls, non-concrete floors and European oak windows.

Please note this house tour is of a building site, therefore covered shoes are mandatory and it is not suitable for small children or pets. Also, despite being a disability friendly house, whilst under construction there are a couple of big steps to get in.

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