Proposed ACT Solar Power Facility

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The ACT Government announced recently that it is planning to establish a solar power facility in the ACT. The proposed facility would use commercially proven direct solar technology, be capable of providing power to at least 10,000 homes, and be commercially viable.

There are two stages in the community consultation process. The first is scheduled for May to July 2009 and will seek community views on the two possible sites identified by the ACT Government in the Kowen and Ingledene forests. As part of the consultation process, the Government will offer site tours.

The second stage of the consultation process will occur in late 2009-early 2010 after a preferred proponent is identified and they lodge a development application.
You can find more information about the proposed solar power facility and the public consultations at:


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  1. Bill
    Posted 14/09/2009 at 6:52 pm | Permalink

    The proposed timetable for the proposed solar power station sounds like an exercise in dragging the chain big time. Making progress slowly – as slowly as can possibility be done and yet give the impression of movement.