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The ACT Government is seeking input on a clean economy strategy for the Territory. The strategy will be guided by a University of Canberra study: Framework for an Australian Capital Territory Clean Economy Strategy – Economic, Environmental and Social Perspectives and by feedback from the community and other stakeholders. Submissions are due by Wednesday 10 November 2010 and should be e-mailed to cleaneconomy(@)

The University of Canberra study concludes that the ACT Government should:

  • Embrace a leadership role;
  • Leverage existing business and industry development programs to a green development agenda;
  • Support ACT-based world-class research and development to enhance the local benefits that will result;
  • Develop human capital and develop a future workforce plan with a focus on ‘green skills’ needs and
  • Monitor, measure and set goals.

Some of the questions that members of the community could consider in providing input to the development of the clean economy strategy are:

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of governments, the business community and individuals in supporting the emergence of the ‘clean economy’? What might be missing now and what would work to fill any gaps?
  • What is the best balance between support for renewable sources of energy versus programs and approaches that promote energy and resource efficiency, such as sustainability programs?
  • Is a clean economy already taking shape, and being driven by forces more pervasive than state government interventions? What are the most important levers, who has them, and what ‘added value’ can a municipal government provide?
  • Is ‘clean tech’ a sector, or is it a capability? Should we be looking at it as a capability that runs through successful knowledge based firms rather than an end?
  • Should we be more focused on supporting learning and innovative firms that have sustainability at the core of their business strategy — regardless of what products they produce or markets they serve?
  • What are the ACT’s strengths in the clean economy and what is the best way to leverage them?
  • Where does awareness and behavioural change fit in the clean economy model?
  • What about leadership? Leadership by governments, leadership by the business community, and the responsibilities of individuals?

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