Nature and Society Forum

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Our mission

The Nature and Society Forum is a catalyst for social change to bring about biosensitive societies which satisfy the needs of humankind and the Earth’s ecosystems of which we are a part.

NSF stands for biosensitive societies that manifest an understanding of and respect for the processes of life upon which we are entirely dependent.

Guiding principles

We seek to:

  • provide soundly-based integrative knowledge that is accessible to interested and concerned people about the needs of humankind and Earth’s ecosystems of which we are a part. We acknowledge that our understandings are continually evolving
  • inspire creativity within the community, seeking new opportunities while maintaining effective strategic activities
  • be an attractant to people of all ages and to organizations seeking social change for sustainability
  • conduct ourselves in ways consistent with the values and principles of the Earth Charter.

NSF objectives

  • Integrate knowledge and learning about the human place in nature and related ecological and health issues that challenges and inspires people and communities to:
    • raise awareness and understanding of problems of the environment and sustainability
    • critically evaluate their situation and the root causes of unsustainability in societies and identify opportunities for action
    • empower people to act – as individuals and collectively in their wider communities
  • Promote dialogue and debate across Australia to help improve understanding of the processes of life and as ways of engaging and empowering individuals and the community to:
    • bring about social change for sustainability
    • support a well-informed response to climate change and other important issues
  • Contribute to the development of public policy for sustainability from a long-term systems perspective with a non-party political standpoint
  • Liaise and collaborate with like-minded organizations with complementary abilities and resources to achieve our vision
  • Regularly evaluate our performance and progress towards our objectives.


Nature and Society Forum Inc

GPO Box 11, Canberra ACT Australia 2601
Tel: 02 6125 2526

From overseas Tel: +612 6125 2526


Office hours: Office hours are generally mid-morning to early-afternoon on two or three days a week. We can’t respond to mail, e-mail or phone calls immediately, but we will eventually.


Our office is in the Fenner School of Environment and Society on the ANU campus. This is Building 48 on the map of the ANU campus and is accessed from Linnaeus Way.

By car: Car parking is restricted across the ANU campus. Bus, cycling or walking may be your best choice.

Entry to our office is without steps.

By bus: The 34 bus route from central Canberra will drop you off on Daley Road, with the residential halls behind you and the Fenner School in front of you. From the bus stop there is a 100m walk, down a very slight gradient.

By bicycle: U-shaped bicycle racks are outside the FSES entrance so bicycles can be locked.

Google Earth search coordinates: 35°16’40.47″S, 149° 6’57.15E  This is the location of the Forestry Building (Building 48) entrance.

For more information:

For general enquiries or to receive a free information package about Nature and Society Forum e-mail our office