Meat Free Week

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Mar ’13Mar
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When you sign up for Meat free Week, you’ll agree to give up eating all kinds of meat (including fish and seafood) for seven days. This means eating mainly plant based meals, but don’t worry we have made it easy by providing some delicious, nutritious vegetarian recipes.

Then, you’ll ask your friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you for the week. Don’t be afraid in asking for their support – you’re raising money for a good cause, with the funds you raise being donated to Voiceless, the animal protection institute, who act on behalf of animals harmed by factory farming in Australia.

If you’re already living meat free, get involved by recruiting and sponsoring a meat-eating friend, making a donation or checking out our other ideas by clicking here.

So whether signing up for the challenge yourself, or sponsoring someone who is, by taking part in Meat Free Week you’re showing those around you that believe change is possible.


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