Introduction to Permaculture Principles 2

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Feb ’13
3:00 pm

What is Happening:

The aim of permaculture is to design landscapes that mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature while yielding an abundance of food, fibre and energy. In contrast to industrial agriculture, land cultivation in permaculture is viewed in terms of how it relates to surrounding ecosystems. The aim is to work with, rather than against, natural cycles, patterns and processes and create genuinely sustainable agriculture.

This workshop follows on from Introduction to Permaculture Principles 1 and covers principles 7 to 12.

Principles 7 to 12: Design from Patterns to Details; Integrate rather than Segregate; Use Small and Slow Solutions; Use and Value Diversity; Use Edges and Value the Marginal; Creatively Use and Respond to Change.


Cost : Cost is $10 for Canberra Carbon Challenge participants and $15 for others.

Where is it On?:

Canberra Environment and Sustainability Resource Centre, Lennox Crossing, Acton (opposite National Museum), Canberra

RSVP?: Yes, register at

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