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Mar ’13
7:00 pm

Word on the street is that lots of Australians feel frustrated with the current political climate. But here’s what we know; when the people lead, politicians follow. We are those people. Our movement is made of more than 625,638 Australians – more than all of the major political parties combined! We lead the way on the big ideas and right now is the time to step it up and set a new course.
On March 21, all across Australia, GetUp members will host and participate in GetTogethers in living rooms and at kitchen tables, in cafes, pubs, workplaces and churches to decide on a people’s election agenda. The conversations will be open, lively, passionate and focused on the big issues that will shape Australia’s future and define us as a country. It’s these conversations that will set the agenda for GetUp’s campaigns in this crucial election year.

Are you ready to set a new course for Australia by hosting an Election GetTogether?

What: Election GetTogether
When: 7pm, 21 March 2013
Where: Your home or your favourite neighbourhood cafe, pub, a workplace or church.
RSVP to host:

By hosting a GetTogether you’re helping to build a strong movement to put the progressive issues we all care about on the agenda for the election. You don’t need any special political knowledge, experience or equipment, just access to a comfortable space where six or more people can meet together. We’ll send you out a host pack that contains everything you need to know to run a successful GetTogether.

Are you in? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Enter your postcode and register your GetTogether online:
  2. We’ll send you a handy host pack with tips on how to run your GetTogether;
  3. Welcome your friendly fellow GetUp members on 21 March; and
  4. Report the results of your GetTogether online on the GetUp website to form a part of our election agenda.

Last election we worked together to determine the priorities of our movement.Together we kept climate change on the agenda, fought for a fair go for asylum seekers, and won over $2 billion in commitments for mental health care. GetTogethers are our campaign compass, the glue that hold our movement together and our secret weapon combined. You can play a powerful role this election by hosting an election GetTogether.

Thanks for all that you do,
Carl, for the GetUp team.

PS – Can’t host a GetTogether but still want to be part of it? Don’t worry. We’ll be in touch soon with instructions on how to register as a guest for a GetTogether in your local area.

GetUp is an independent, not-for-profit community campaigning group. We use new technology to empower Australians to have their say on important national issues. We receive no political party or government funding, and every campaign we run is entirely supported by voluntary donations. If you’d like to contribute to help fund GetUp’s work, please donate now! If you have trouble with any links in this email, please go directly to To unsubscribe from GetUp, please click here. Authorised by Sam Mclean, Level 2, 104 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010. 



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