Food producers in Canberra and the surrounding region

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Have you ever thought that it would be useful to have a map showing where you can buy organic food and other locally produced food in and around Canberra?

Well, we are happy to say that someone has already done a lot of this work.

Southside Farmers Market

If you go to the Southside Farmers Market website, you’ll find they have an interactive map where you can press a button for the type of produce you are looking for, and the relevant locations pop up on the map. Check it out at:

Walk around the Southside Farmers Market on a Sunday morning,  and you will probably find (according to their website) organic vegetables from Cowra, free range eggs from Gunning, organic meat from Bombala, organic salad greens from near Hall, vegetables from Marulan, fresh mushrooms and seafood from the south coast, olive oil from near Hall, mandarins and oranges from Leeton, apples from Batlow, local breads, cooking sauces and condiments made in Canberra, and award winning organic and fair trade coffees roasted in Canberra.

Capital Region Farmers Market

The Capital Region Farmers Market website also has comprehensive information about each of its regional stallholders. You can find out what they produce and how far they are located from Canberra at:

According to their website, the Capital Region Farmers Market region includes the following key production clusters – Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, Batlow, Cowra, Orange, Young-Temora, Western Sydney, Southern Tablelands, Goulburn-Crookwell, South Coast and Monaro. These clusters provide the Market with a low-food-mile but seasonally diverse source of produce. Producers from outside this region have been accepted in exceptional circumstances, in the best interest of the Market to achieve product diversity.

Canberra Environment Centre

Also check out the Environment Centre’s fabulous “ACT Sustainable Food Guide” at:

Have your say on local food issues in the climateXchange Forum on Food and Water.


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