First Carrotmob in Canberra a Great Success

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Carrotmob Canberra’s “mobbing” of the IGA supermarket in Ainslie on 11 June was a great success, with shoppers spending $12,000 to support the owners’ commitment to reduce their store’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Above: Manuel and Irene from Ainslie IGA with Carrotmob organiser Ren

This was the first event in a new local community campaign that is challenging ACT small businesses to “out green” each other in return for the patronage of a large mob of Canberrans who want a more sustainable city.

Ainslie IGA’s Manager, Manuel Xyrakis, pictured above with the event’s organiser Ren Webb, will apply 100% of the money spent by the Carrotmob towards reducing the store’s carbon footprint.

Congratulations to the Carrotmob team on this great initiative!

Check out the coverage of the Canberra Carrotmob Ainslie IGA on YouTube.

Keep in touch with Carrotmob Canberra on Facebook.

Above: Manuel (IGA Ainslie Manager) and Carrobmob member Phoebe


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