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To add your own directory listing, it is important that you include a description of your services, your location, who you service and contact details. This will mean that anyone who views this Directory listing will be able to know what it is your company/ organisation does, and how they can contact you.

We have tried to make this process as simple as possible for you, however if you find this method hard to follow at all, please contact us and let us know your thoughts so that we can work on making this as simple as possible to make a listing.

Please fill in the fields in as much detail as you can, then when you are finished, please delete any content in red, as we do not want this displayed on your listing. (if you have typed directly into the green, simply change the colour in the drop down menu at the toolbar next to the A)

[** Please edit/delete this text as required. **]

Description of Services:

[**Describe your products and services in a sentence or a paragraph so that readers know exactly what it is that you do **]

Located In: [** Address, suburb, postcode **]

Servicing: Canberra and ACT Region, [**Nationally (add others )**]

Contact Details: [**contact name, phone number, **]

[**if you have a website, please add that in below where the blue example is. Please be sure to include http:// at the start of your web adress or this link to your website will not work. **]

<strong><a href=” http://www.example.com.au ” target=”_blank”> http://www.example.com.au </a></strong>

[**IMPORTANT please also add relevant keyword tags on the right under the ‘TAGS’ heading (choose from popular tags or add your own)**]


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