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The debate about climate change is over. Solutions are needed now. The energy [r]evolution is the road map for how to provide power for everyone without fuelling climate change.
We don’t need to freeze in the dark. We don’t need to build nuclear power plants. We don’t need to cripple economic growth. We can make a safe and sustainable world energy scenario a reality

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The energy [r]evolution is an independently produced report that provides a practical blueprint for how to half global CO2 emissions, while allowing for an increase in energy consumption by 2050. By dividing the world into 10 regions, with a global summary, it explains how existing energy technologies can be applied in more efficient ways. It demonstrates how a ‘business as usual’ scenario, based on IEA’s World Energy Outlook projections, is not an option for environmental, economic and security of supply reasons.

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    climateXchange ” energy [r]evolution is a very well written blog post about Permaculture Economy I recently ran across….

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