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Description of Services:

Energetics is an integrated climate change, energy/water efficiency and sustainable solutions provider with offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Energetics supports clients from the assessment of their exposure to climate change risk through to the development and implementation of strategies for responding to that risk and capitalizing on opportunities in line with core business objectives. Energetics services comprise:

  • Carbon Markets Strategies – including a specific National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) assistance team;
  • Carbon neutrality (Greenhouse Friendly Accreditations) ;
  • Support with the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) Program;
  • Process Efficiency;
  • Strategic Energy Procurement;
  • Greenhouse/Sustainability Ratings for organisations and buildings;
  • Sustainability Management Systems;
  • Sustainable Water Management; and
  • Energy and Greenhouse Data Processing and Management.

Energetics have undergone rigorous Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) process with independent verification to attain carbon neutral status.  All associated greenhouse gas emissions are offset with Greenhouse Friendly approved abatement.

For more information please visit www.energetics.com.au

Contact Details: Jon Sibley, ACT Regional Manager, Braddon, 02 6257 9864


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