Double Glazing in Canberra

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Now that we have the 6 star energy rating in Canberra, home owners are finding it hard to get their extensions over the line with the mandatory glazing calculator by using standard single glazed aluminium windows.

What are the available alternatives? Timber, uPVC, fibreglass or improved aluminium. Timber looks great when it is first installed, however, it needs ongoing regular maintenance. Fibreglass is still pretty much unproven and expensive. There is also timber/aluminium composite and thermally broken aluminium which are good alternatives but on the higher end of the market.

uPVC has been in Australia for at least 25 years and has received a poor reputation over the years by companies doing it badly. There are poor quality imports being brought into the country that do not meet the Australian Standard, don’t have solar guard in the frames and have glass that is not tested in Australia. The problem with using these imports is that the Certifier is supposed to seek a glazing certificate before a Certificate of Occupancy can be requested. The glazing certificate guarantees that the windows meet the appropriate Australian Standards.

There are many reputable Australian companies that are manufacturing and selling uPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors in Canberra and there are also Australian companies that provide bad service and a bad name for the product. It is important that you do your research before purchasing your windows and doors to ensure that you are going to get the product as promised and that it will perform to the required standard. This is usually a major investment and can be devastating if the windows don’t perform as intended. The site provides ratings on windows and doors for manufacturers that have been through their stringent testing under tough Australian conditions. The Australian Window Association website (AWA) also provides guidance on reputable businesses making and selling windows. Is your supplier a member of the AWA?


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