Cooleman Ridge Park Care Group

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Cooleman Ridge Park Care Group Inc. is one of a number of park care groups around Canberra which take an interest in our Nature Parks. Thanks to the work of members, weeds are kept down, tracks are maintained and native trees, bushes and grasses are planted.

The group was formed in 1991. Since then it has removed the majority of the woody weeds Pyracantha, Rosa rubiginosa (Sweet Briar), etc, and greatly reduced thistles and Verbascum. Large areas of Phalaris grass have been cut to reduce fire fuel. Native tree plantations have been established and mid-storey plants and native grasses put in to many areas. Only indigenous trees and plants are used.

Description of Services:

Members typically have their own small area to caretake and also cooperate to work over the whole area at monthly meetings. This enables us to have an overall strategy and help each other on the larger jobs.

The group meets once a month on the third Sunday. Our newsletter gives details. Smaller groups meet weekly on Monday and Friday mornings.

At our meetings we:

  • Weed
  • Plant
  • Study the wildlife
  • Take part in theme walks

Members are also involved with:

  • Tree survey
  • Bird monitoring
  • Fire fuel reduction
  • Herbarium compilation
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Waterwatch
  • Photographic record

Located In: Weston Creek

Servicing: Canberra and ACT Region,

Contact Details:

email to: parkcare[at] (replace “[at]” with “@”)


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