Volunteer – Managing the preparation of the climateXchange monthly newsletter


What it’s about:

To provide a monthly update to climateXchange members about forum chatter, upcoming events, new articles and Green Directory news.


Members of the public who have registered as climateXchange users and/or have provided their e-mail addresses to climateXchange

Role of the volunteer:

  1. Come up with ideas for items in each monthly newsletter and discuss them with the climateXchange team three weeks before the newsletter is issued.
  2. Draft or find other volunteers to draft the agreed items for each newsletter, and provide a draft of the newsletter to the climateXchange team for consideration one week before the newsletter is issued. The newsletter would normally include links to:
    1. Chatter in the forums – recent forum posts
    2. New articles
    3. Upcoming events
    4. Green Directory news

3. Provide ideas about how to improve the e-newsletter.