ClimateXchange welcomes Government Commitment to 40% target

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ClimateXchange congratulates the ACT Government on its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020.

“We’re really pleased that the ACT Government is leading Australia in making this commitment, and we’re looking forward to the opportunities it will create for new jobs and growth in related industries,” said ClimateXchange spokesperson Marea Fatseas.

The community is already well on the way to embracing sustainability, as we can see from the rapid uptake of Greenpower and solar panels. Groups such as ClimateXchange, a not-for-profit organisation, are currently assisting ACT residents and businesses in their efforts to lead more sustainable lifestyles.

ClimateXchange brings together local information in a one-stop website to help ACT residents find out about more than 300 community groups, organizations and businesses that are committed to Canberra’s transition to a more sustainable city.

Over the past year, ClimateXchange has developed a comprehensive website for the Canberra region. The site includes a Canberra Green Directory, calendar of events, discussion forums, and topical articles, and has quickly become a source of information for locals looking for sustainability solutions.

“It is reassuring to know that the ACT Government is taking seriously, and acting on, the threat of climate change,” Ms Fatseas said. “I look forward to seeing an inclusive, consultative approach between the Government and the Canberra community on the steps needed to transition to a low carbon economy.”

To find out more about climateXchange, go to:

Media inquiries can be directed to:

Marea Fatseas (0412335207) or
Haydn Lowe (0401910719)


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