Climate Change Impacts on the Australian Capital Territory

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Australia’s Climate Commission report, The Critical Decade 2013: Climate Change Science, Risks and Responses, highlights some of the impacts of climate change on Canberra, including:

  • By 2070, Canberra could have between 10 and 18 days with temperatures above 35 degrees. During the 2000-2009 decade Canberra experienced an average of 9.4 days per year over 35 degrees;
  • Canberra may have an annual average of 19 to 25 very high or extreme fire danger days by 2020 and 22 to 38 days by 2050, compared with the present average of 17 days;
  • The ACT is expected to experience an overall reduction in annual rainfall, with greater reductions in winter and spring rainfall;
  • Changing rainfall patterns are likely to threaten the ACT’s water supply through reduced rainfall and runoff into the Cotter and Googong catchments.

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