Climate Cafe: Re-imagining our Approach to Waste

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Jun ’17
12:15 pm

This event is being organised by the ANU Climate Change Institute and ANU Environment Collective

As a society, we’re throwing things away at a staggering rate, causing serious health and environmental problems, including contributing to climate changes.
But what about the stuff we’ve already got? Disposability is a relatively new concept – is it something we can turn around?
This Climate Café will discuss how we can develop new ways of thinking and working around so-called “waste”.

Niklavs Rubenis will kick off the discussion with a short presentation, followed by small group discussion of the following questions:
Whose responsibility is waste?
How do we give “broken things” value?
How do we begin to build a mass cradle-to-cradle approach?

About the speaker
Niklavs Rubenis is a designer, maker, curator and academic with a diverse research and studio practice. He has been involved with projects spanning community, non-profit, commercial and cultural institutions, and has had work exhibited and presented nationally and internationally. Rubenis’ research revolves around consumption and production, material culture, technology and the importance of retaining, promoting and applying craft skills to the almost forgotten practice of re-use and repair as a tool for slowing down waste. He currently lectures at the ANU School of Art & Design.

About Climate Café
Climate Café is a relaxed gathering of people interested in discussing ideas and questions on climate change and related topics. It cuts across disciplines, is inclusive, jargon-free and fun. The approach is modelled on dialogue events such as Café Philosophic and Café Scientifique.

Please note that parking at ANU can be difficult – we advise using public transport, taxi, cycling or walking.

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