Carrotmob Comes to Town

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Using the carrot instead of the stick can be a great way to support businesses in becoming more sustainable.

That’s the thinking behind Carrotmob, a new local community campaign that is challenging ACT small businesses to “out green” each other in return for the patronage of a large mob of Canberrans who want a more sustainable city.
Carrotmob organiser in Canberra, Ren Webb, has been approaching IGA supermarkets on the north side and getting them to ‘bid’ on the sort of sustainability improvements they are willing to make in exchange for being ‘mobbed’ by 500 Canberrans with their wallets out (buying things they need anyway).
Carrotmob is gearing up for its first “mobbing” of a supermarket on 5 June to coincide with World Environment Day.

“What appeals so much about the Carrotmob concept is that most people care about sustainability but don’t know what to do – this is a really easy and accessible thing for anyone to be a part of by joining the mob, and it has tangible outcomes that are really worthwhile,” says Ren, “but it also brings the community and business together to contribute towards Canberra’s newly adopted target of a 40% reduction in CO2 by 2020”.

The Carrotmob concept was born in San Francisco in the United States, but it is now taking off around the world. In Australia, Carrotmobs have sprouted up in Sydney, Melbourne, and now in Canberra.
Watch this space to find out more about the 5 June event as Canberra’s Carrotmob firms up the details.
Carrotmob is looking for volunteers to help prepare for the event and also to help round up a mob to come on the day. If you want to get involved in this fun event, check out the Canberra Carrotmob Facebook page, or e-mail carrotmob(at) or call Ren Webb on 0437217607.


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