Canberra Clean Energy helping Canberra Become Australia’s Solar Capital

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Canberra Clean Energy, a local not-for-profit special interest group of SEE-Change, is running a number of projects to help you make Canberra the Solar Capital of Australia.  Check them out to see which ones are the right fit for you!

Canberra’s Community Solar FarmCanberra Solar Farm

Own part of a landmark renewable energy project in the ACT!

Do you want to own part of your local energy supply, support renewable energy and reduce your environmental footprint all while earning a return on your investment?  Designed to include Canberrans that either rent or own a house that’s not suitable for solar, this project gives you the opportunity to invest in a low-risk, large-scale solar farm. Get more details here.


Patchwork PV – Solar for ScoutsScouts Australia

Imagine the sun fundraising for your local Scout group, every day of the year, for the next 20 years!

Patchwork PV is the pilot program of SEE-Change’s Community Solar Initiative, which uses an innovative community funding model to put solar panels on the roof of not-for profit community organisations across Canberra. With every tax-deductible donation going to fund local community PV installations, this is one of the best ways to give a gift that keeps giving to your local community.

Help Scouts ACT reduce their ongoing electricity bills and their environmental footprint by donating today.


Residential Solar Bulk BuyResidential Solar Bulk Buy

High quality, low fuss, economical solar for your own rooftop!

If you want to put solar on your own rooftop but have been reluctant to because of costs or complexity then Canberra Clean Energy can help you make your solar system a reality through their solar bulk buys.  Find out more.



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