Canberra Beekeepers on the 7.30 Report

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Feb ’13
7:30 pm
Phillip Bartlett, Secretary, Woden SEE Change writes:
This is just a quick note to let you know about the Canberra Urban Honey Project. This exciting project has been initiated by a local family with three generations of apiarists. That’s bee keepers to us lay people!
Carmen Pearce-Brown and her family have undertaken this project to improve bee numbers in the region which have been falling over a long period due to a variety of reasons including drought, urbanisation and parasites/virus’. In a nutshell the project brings bee hives to the suburbs of Canberra by seeking suitable homes and gardens to host bee hives to improve the sustainability of our city. The honey extraction and production is handled by the experts, Carmen and her family.
If you’d like to know more about bees and this project in particular keep an eye out for Carmen’s intereview on the 7:30 Report this Friday 8 February on ABC1 at 7:30pm (of course!).
To follow this up Woden SEE Change will be organising an Over the Back Fence Tour of Carmen’s family garden in the next month or so. This will include a short talk on bees, bee keeping (including demonstration with a live hive) and bee friendly gardening. We will provide you with the details for this tour as soon as they are available.
In the mean time enjoy the 7:30 Report interview!


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