Butterfly Project can help you track your energy use

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Australia and the world are in the midst of an energy revolution, with renewable energy becoming more competitive in the race to decarbonise the economy and prevent dangerous climate change.

The Butterfly Project aims to help the revolution along by enabling households and workplaces to track their carbon pollution from electricity use. Now you can go to the Butterfly Project website (www.butterfly.org.au) and enter your electricity use data from your bills (or meters), any renewable energy use, and details of any other changes or investments you’ve made. You can then see your results presented in easy-to-read graphs and tables.

Once the website collects more data, you will be able to compare and compete with other energy users by local government area, state or nationally, and learn how to cut down on energy use.

Feedback on how we’re doing helps us to improve, and the Butterfly Project is committed to providing that feedback.

Help the Butterfly Project map the energy revolution by contributing your data and join the movement ‘beyond coal’ for a safe climate.

The Butterfly Project is an initiative of The Green Institute.

To register to participate, go to www.butterfly.org.au


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