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The Australian Electric Vehicle Association Incorporated (AEVA) is a non profit organisation founded in 1973. It comprises individuals and organisations interested in the development, manufacture, sale or use of electric vehicles and their components.

Description of Services:

Most of our members have or are interested in buying or converting petrol powered cars to high efficiency, zero emission electric cars.

Zero Emission Electric Cars do not have an exhaust pipe and are powered by a battery. They are faster, quieter, more efficient, more reliable, hold the road better, respond instantly and smoothly to the acceleration pedal, have a better safety record, reduce power plant emissions, can be charged from renewable power, cost less to run, do not require a new fuel infrastructure and are available in Australia now.

For $130,000 you can go on a long waiting list, for a 200kmph imported car, that can accelerate from 0-100km in less than 5 seconds and travel more than 300km for less $10 . 00 of electricity.

Or, at the lower end of the scale, for approximately $15,000 you can convert a petrol powered car to an electric car that can accelerate from 0-100kmph in less than 10 seconds and travel more than 50km daily for less than $2 of electricity.

You are welcome to attend – there’s no obligation or cost. Come along and see what we are up to – also make contributions and suggestions.

Located In: Canberra and region

Servicing: Canberra and ACT Region, Nationally

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    The Association organised a great Canberra Electric Vehicle Festival on 18 September 2010.

    See photos and posts about the festival and about other electric vehicle issues in the climateXchange forum on electric cars at:

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