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Latest ACT Government renewable energy initiatives

There has been a flurry of major ACT Government announcements recently to drive Canberra and region towards a renewable energy future.
On 20 March, the Legislative Assembly passed amendments to the law to increase the amount of renewable energy to be supplied through Canberra’s large-scale feed-in tariff scheme to 550MW.
Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, […]

Local renewable energy businesses collaborate to power the Canberra region’s future

Eighty five local renewable energy stakeholders participated in a recent forum aimed at enhancing collaboration and facilitating local business content in regional renewable energy projects.   The forum also aimed to stimulate the growth and sustainability of the region’s renewable energy sector, that will help to strengthen and diversify the region’s economy.
The Regional Renewable Energy Business […]

Latest survey of Canberra community views on climate change

In mid 2013, the ACT Government commissioned a survey to research community views and issues about climate change in the ACT.
The survey found the community has a high awareness of climate change and a willingness to commit to reducing individual household emissions. It found that the community believes it is moderately or very urgent for the ACT Government to […]

Food producers in Canberra and the surrounding region

Have you ever thought that it would be useful to have a map showing where you can buy organic food and other locally produced food in and around Canberra?
Well, we are happy to say that someone has already done a lot of this work.
Southside Farmers Market
If you go to the Southside Farmers Market website, you’ll […]

Produce your own vegetables and fish using Aquaponics

Produce your own vegetables and fish using Aquaponics
There are some very exciting initiatives in Canberra aimed at showing people how to grow their own vegetables and raise fish using aquaponics.
What is aquaponics?  According to Urban Agriculture Australia, aquaponics involves growing fish in water tanks, with water from the fish tank circulated through the vegetable grow […]