Another Successful Electric Vehicle Festival

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Congratulations to the CanberraEV (Australian Electric Vehicle Association Inc.) and the ACT Electric Vehicle Council Inc for another successful Electric Vehicle Festival.

The Festival, held in a new location in City Walk in the city on 1 December 2012, attracted a wide range of Canberrans who came to see the many and varied electric vehicles on display.

There were also opportunities to take a ride in some of the vehicles, from old vintage electric cars to the high tech, contemporary Tesla sports car.

It is amazing that electric cars have been around for so long. Two of the vehicles on display date from the early 1900s. The beautiful red Detroit Electric car in the photo below was manufactured in1917 and rebuilt in 1928.

We took a ride in the smart green 1915 Detroit Electric car shown below. It was a very smooth and quiet ride, and it was lovely having a chat with the owner, Bill, who brought the car to Canberra for the Festival from Sydney. The car has a speed of 40km per hour and a range of 100 km.

Moving forward in time, it was great to see a Volkswagen beetle car that had been retrofitted with an electric engine.


A more contemporary retrofit was the Blade Electron belonging to climateXchange co-founder Haydn Lowe (check out an earlier article on Haydn’s car here)

Then, of course, it was interesting to see the Volt, the General Motors innovative addition to the world of hybrid cars.

…and who cannot be excited by the fabulous Tesla electric sports car!!!


Last, but certainly not least, was a selection of electric bicycles…….

Have your say in the climateXchange forum on the Canberra International Electric Vehicle Festival or in the forum on electric cars.


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