ACT & Southern Tablelands Native Tubestock Nursery

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Description of Services:

We are a wholesale nursery open to the general public, specializing in growing local native trees and shrubs in forestry tubes for windbreaks, re-vegetation, farm forestry and landscaping.  We provide a very wide range of species indigenous to the ACT and Southern Tablelands.  Seed is sourced or collected locally with provenance upon request.  We grow our plants in 120mm forestry tubes as we have found this provides the greatest plant success rates for cost effectiveness.  The forestry tubes are ribbed inside ensuring the roots grow downwards rather than circling the pot.  Tubes are elevated from the ground on trays and open bottomed which allows the roots to be pruned by the air. This way the plants roots are positioned to grow down and outwards when planted out, ensuring a healthy root structure for their later life.  All our plants are grown in open air conditions and hardened by minimizing water and exposing them to frost and direct sunlight. This makes them tough, ensuring they have the best chance of success.  Our plants are all direct sown then thinned rather than transplanted. Using this method ensures they have undisturbed root systems and superior gene selections.  As every site has different characteristics, we are happy to advise you on choosing species that best suit your needs.  We also have extensive knowledge to help you successfully establish your plants.  The nursery is open by appointment.  At the time of this post, most plants are $1.20 each. Limited special species are $5.00 each.  We offer discounts for large orders.


Located In:

* * * Open by appointment only please * * *

Oakey Creek Road,

Hall, NSW, 2618

5 minutes north of Canberra


Canberra and

ACT Region

Contact Details:

0407 224 490




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