ACT Government’s Weathering the Change Action Plan 2

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On 13 September 2012, the ACT Government released its second climate change action plan aimed at reducing the ACT’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020 and transitioning to a more sustainable community.

Its Weathering the Change Action Plan 2 includes 18 actions in five key sectors with maximum potential to reduce emissions. Implementation at each step will be subject to thorough annual cost of living reviews to assess overall cost of energy to consumers, including a specific focus on social equity. Below is a concise summary of the actions:


Reducing residential sector emissions

Six actions Emissions reduction in 2020 (tonnes CO2-e): 218,000

Action 1

From 1 January 2013, the ACT Government’s Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme will require energy retailers to implement energy efficiency improvements to ACT homes with a focus on low-income households.

Action 2

New legislation will restrict the replacement and installation of high-emission water heaters in houses and townhouses in gas reticulated areas and will investigate the expansion of emissions standards for hot water heaters to all new residential buildings by June 2014.

Action 3

The ACT Government will introduce legislation to require landlords to provide information to tenants on the energy efficiency of homes and fixed appliances and major energy uses.

Action 4

The Government will publish by 2015 a Pathway to Zero Emissions Buildings policy covering residential and non-residential building types.

Action 5

The Government will develop a strategy to engage the community on climate change matters and to provide integrated information, advice and support to Canberra households on reducing energy bills and cutting emissions.

Action 6

The Government will trial advanced energy technology systems, in partnership with ANU and CIT, to increase the potential for intermittent energy sources for the ACT network.


Reducing non-residential sector emissions

Three actions Emissions reduction in 2020 (tonnes CO2-e): 181,000

Action 7

The ACT Government will consider the impacts and opportunities for extending the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme to include fuller business participation.

Action 8

The Government will establish ACTSmart Energy Advice to provide practical advice and support to small/medium sized businesses, community groups and other organisations.

Action 9

The Government will survey buildings in major commercial districts to map heating and cooling loads across the ACT to facilitate private investment in low-carbon energy networks.


Reducing transport sector emissions

One action Emissions reduction in 2020 (tonnes CO2-e): 138,000

Action 10

The ACT Government will implement the Transport for Canberra policy, and develop a Low Emissions Vehicle Strategy.

Reducing waste sector emissions

One action Emissions reduction in 2020 (tonnes CO2-e): 16,000

Action 11

The Government will implement the ACT Waste Management Strategy 2011–2025 and achieve a carbon neutral waste sector by 2020.

Transitioning to large-scale renewable energy

Three actions Emissions reduction in 2020 (tonnes CO2-e): 1,471,000

Action 12

The Government will develop large-scale renewable energy generation capacity to reduce emissions from electricity use and achieve 2020 emissions reduction targets.

Action 13

The Government will set a new electricity consumption target of 90% renewables by 2020.

Action 14

The Government will map the ACT electricity distribution network to update information on the capacity of feeders and substations to absorb more renewable energy generation.

Adapting to a changing climate

Three actions Emissions reduction in 2020 (tonnes CO2-e): N/A

Action 15

The Government will assess climate change risks to community health, territory life and property through a new Territory Wide Risk Assessment and plan accordingly.

Action 16

The Government will publish a Ministerial Statement on how built environment and urban open spaces will be developed to respond to climate change and reduce emissions.

Action 17

The Government will continue to assess climate change impacts on ecological systems in the ACT and the surrounding region and plan accordingly.

Monitoring, reporting and future decision-making

One action Emissions reduction in 2020 (tonnes CO2-e): N/A

Action 18

The Government will respond to implementation Status Reports on AP2 published in 2014, 2017 and 2020 that will set out progress against actions and targets. Each measure introduced as part of AP2 will be subject to a cost of living assessment.


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