About climateXchange


We started climateXchange as a not-for-profit initiative, because we felt overwhelmed trying to find coherent concise sustainability solutions. Each of us had found it difficult to personally sift through information trying to find relevant answers to our specific local questions. There were many, many organisations, agencies, departments, businesses and groups in Canberra doing great sustainability work. But we had to go to many dozens of different sources to be able to gain even a small insight.


And so we created climateXchange. We wanted everyone to be able to share the climate solutions that they were aware of. This way we would all be able to keep up with the latest information and views around our local community. Our needs survey initially suggested that there was a strong demand for information on product and service suppliers. Many of us wanted to transition to more sustainable lifestyles and we needed businesses and organisations to assist us. climateXchange has allowed us to ask questions and share our journeys as we change our homes and our lifestyles.

During these last three years we have seen a massive change in the commitment of Canberrans. A whole community of environmentally minded people have connected and worked together to catalyse a transition culture. Now the ACT has one of the highest renewable energy and emission reduction targets in the world. This website is an important part of our continuing journey as individuals and as a community. By having a place where we can share our individual questions and our collective aspirations, we give ourselves the best chance of expediting our transition.

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