Talk on CORENA community solar initiative

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Aug ’18
7:00 pm

What is Happening:

The Belconnen local group of SEE-Change will present a talk on CORENA (Citizens’ Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Incorporated) community solar initiative on Tuesday 28 August 2018 at the Belconnen Community Centre from 7–9pm.

CORENA is a group that provides interest-free loans to non-profit organisations for energy-related projects such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, to enable them to reduce their energy costs so that they can use their limited dollars on their core missions.

The funding stems from voluntary contributions (tax deductible) from individual citizens. The loan is paid back to CORENA and the money gets re-cycled for subsequent projects. Contributors can choose which projects they wish to support.

Our presentation will introduce CORENA to the community, to start the search for non-profit organisations in the ACT region that qualify for assistance from CORENA, and provide an opportunity for attendees to spread the word to those who might consider becoming potential contributors to the initiative.

Further information on CORENA and its key drivers can be found at their website .

The presentation will start with outlining the broad context of ‘community solar’, then describe the CORENA initiative itself, and finally discuss micro-financing options for community solar. The speakers will be Dave Southgate, Bill Gresham, Ben Elliston.

The talk and the formal question-and-answer session will end at 8:15pm, followed by tea/coffee and informal discussions with the speakers till 9pm.

Where is it On?:

Belconnen Community Centre, Meeting Room #2 (entry level), 26 Chandler St, Belconnen ACT

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Contact Details:

SEE-Change Events


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