“Real Food” Revolutionising Canberra Community’s Interaction With Food

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A new community group in Canberra called Real Food aims to revolutionise the Canberra community’s interaction with food by empowering people to support and eat food that is sustainable, ethical (for people and animals) and nutritious.

Co-Director of Real Food, Charlotte Wood (known to her friends as “Charlie”) says, “Through providing a REAL Food alternative, our project seeks to create an alternative community, one which celebrates and respects nature by savoring every bite.”

According to Charlie, real food is:

1. Ethically produced, with fair treatment of workers, equitable relationships with farmers (locally and abroad), and humanely treated animals.

2. Environmentally sustainable, grown without synthetic chemicals, monoculture, and distributed with a minimal carbon footprint.

3. Nutritious, with a focus on using fresh ingredients.

“Real food also builds community”, says Charlie, “ and has the potential to inspire broad-scale social change.”

“Real Food” has many activities planned for 2011:

  • Acoustic Soup – Come along to monthly organic/local soup nights at the Food Co-op and enjoy some of Canberra’s best culinary and musical delights. If you’d like to cook, serve or play, email hannah(at)realfoodcanberra.org
  • Launch of the Youth Sustainability Cookbook on 15 August at Majura Primary School. This sustainable cookbook, written in partnership with the Canberra-based New Literacy Programme and ACTotherWise, empowers and inspires young people to cook and grow real food at home. If you’d like to get involved, email charlotte(at)realfoodcanberra.org
  • Lunch@theCo-op – If you like tasty, nutritious food which is good for the earth and kind on the hip-pocket, then come along to the Food Co-Op from 12-1pm every Wednesday for amazing $4 lunches. To volunteer, email: lunchatthefoodcoop(at)gmail.com.

For More Information:

Check out the Real Food website at http://realfoodcanberra.org


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